The Team

We have an experienced team of over 120 Care Support Workers, many of whom have been carers themselves. Our Care Support Workers all receive comprehensive training in social care and relevant specialist skills.  To read more about how we recruit and train our staff please see the ‘Our Care Support Workers‘ section within the About us section of the website.


Our senior leadership team is led by Chief Executive Officer, Kathy Verges.

[vsc-team-member-new name=”Kathy Verges” position=”Chief Executive Officer” description=”Kathy joined the organisation as CEO in September 1994. Kathy trained as a General Nurse in 1981 and maintained her Nursing and Midwifery Registration gaining credits through the Faculty of Health credits with the South Bank University as a Level 1 nurse. She has a Diploma in Management – Level 5 undertaken through the Chartered Management Institute. She has specialist options in Leadership, Management, Services and Strategy and development, ” photo=”276″ email=””]

[vsc-team-member-new name=”Karen Bonnett” position=”General Manager” photo=”274″]

[vsc-team-member-new name=”Hans Morano” position=”Care Services Manager ” photo=”273″]

[vsc-team-member-new name=”Arif Rahman” position=”Community Compliance Supervisor” description=”Arif started at Carers Trust EHHR in August 2014. Arif has previously worked for Camden Crossroads as a Senior Care Support Worker / Service Co-ordinator and Development Worker. Arif holds an NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social care and a qualification in First Line Management (ILM). Arif is a qualified Manual Handling trainer/assessor and has a petals certificate.” photo=”284″ email=””]


[vsc-team-member-new name=”Calvin Jackson” position=”Community Compliance Supervisor” description=”Calvin has wealth of experience since he commenced his career in Health & Social care in 1995. He started as a Support Worker and was promoted to Senior Support worker. Calvin has NVQ levels 2, 3 & 4 in Health and Social Care. He has achieved a BA Hons Degree in Social work and holds the European Computer Driving Licence level 2. Calvin has completed the Registered Managers Award. Calvin has a wealth of experience working alongside Carers and people with care needs.” photo=”271″ email=””]

[vsc-team-member-new name=”Lisa Robertson” position=”Rostering and Referrals Supervisor” description=”Lisa has wealth of experience since she commenced her career in Health & Social care in 1997. Lisa has achieved NVQ levels 2 & 3 in Health & Social Care. Lisa started as a Support Worker and was promoted to Senior Support worker in her previous roles. Lisa was appointed to the senior role of Rostering & Referrals Supervisor in 2015. She manages all new referrals and carer/client communications in regards to service provision.” photo=”266″ email=””]

[vsc-team-member-new name=”Ralph Page” position=”Learning and Development Supervisor” description=”Ralph commenced with Carers Trust EHHR – Crossroads Carer Services in 2003. Ralph has a gained wealth of experience working as Care Support Worker, He commenced the senior role of Learning & Development Supervisor in 2015. Ralph has gained NVQ qualifications in Health & Social Care and Risk Assessment. He also holds a Diploma in Person Centered Counselling.” photo=”268″ email=””]

[vsc-team-member-new name=”Katey Mowles” position=”Business Support Assistant” description=”Katey joined Carers Trust EHHR in 2014 as a Care Support Worker. Katey holds NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care. Katey has been working as a care professional since 2012. She has recently been appointed as Business Support Assistant, and in addition continues to work as a Care Support Worker during some evenings and weekends. Katey has recently been promoted to a Lead Care Support Worker” photo=”275″ email=””]