Our History

Crossroads Care Havering (originally Havering Crossroads Ltd) has been providing services to the local community since 1993 Similarly, Crossroads Care Redbridge (originally known as Redbridge Crossroads Care Attendant Scheme and later Redbridge Crossroads), has been in operation since 1984 and Epping Forest and Harlow since 1987.  Crossroads Care Redbridge and Crossroads Care Epping and Harlow merged in 2007. All schemes are network partners of Carers Trust – a national charity and formally network partners of Crossroads Care.

Carers Trust – Bringing together the founder national charities of Crossroads Care and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers.


In April 2012, Crossroads Care and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers merged to form a new carers charity called “Carers Trust”.

Support for carers has always been at the heart of both of the founder charities, much of the work both organisations carried out were complementary to each other.  By uniting, the knowledge, skills, expertise and experience of both charities, Carers Trust is a more powerful voice in bringing carers issues to the foreground.  In addition, we are able to improve the practical help offered to carers, in terms of advice, support and services.


Carers’ needs, choices and voices remain at the heart of everything Carers Trust do.  The charity strives to ensure that the enormous contribution carers make to those they care for and to society as a whole is fully recognised, appreciated and valued.


What’s in a name? ….The history behind the Crossroads Care name….

crossroads-150x150In 1973, the soap opera “Crossroads” featured a storyline where the son of the motel owner had a car accident and was paralysed. His mother had to care for him at home.

Noel Crane, a local man from Rugby, who was being cared for by his mother saw the programme and wrote in, complimenting ATV, the programme makers, on their portrayal of the needs of someone with a disability. They took him on as an adviser on disability issues and shared his concerns about the lack of support for people like his mother, whose life had undergone significant change as a result of his accident.


ATV then donated £10,000 to set up a pilot project in Rugby with the aim of helping carers in a practical way, in order to relieve the stress the majority of them experience.


In its first year of operation, more than 36 years ago, Crossroads supported 26 families. By 2012 Crossroads Care was supporting over 43,000 carers and their families through a national network of local Crossroads Care Schemes.


Why have we re-branded to Carers Trust

On 1st April 2014, Crossroads Care Havering and Crossroads Care Redbridge, Epping and Harlow merged, re-branding themselves as Carers Trust Epping Forest, Harlow, Havering and Redbridge.  The combined organisation meant that carers in these communities are now able to enjoy a wider range of high-quality services.


The merger provided an excellent chance to rebrand at the same time; giving us the opportunity to be associated with the new national brand which will help benefit our carers locally.  Carers Trust nationally is now the leading carers charity in the U.K., which is for, with and about carers.  It gives our organisation local and national recognition and we can join all network partners of Carers Trust in helping to improve carers lives and those they care for.  Together as a national network of Carers Trust charities, we have a higher platform, more influence, recognition, respect and opportunity to help carers by listening to their needs and delivering services they need.