Care for Adults

Carers Trust Epping Forest, Harlow, Havering and Redbridge (EHHR) supports adults and older people who may be living with a disability, dementia, health condition, illness or because they are elderly and frail.

We offer a home respite service where our staff take over the caring responsibilities of the carer for an agreed period of time.

This gives the carer some respite time to attend appointments, do the shopping, take care of chores or simply to rest up and look after their own health and wellbeing. Home respite includes caring for people with all kinds of disabilities, health conditions; for those who may be elderly and frail, living with dementia or requiring palliative care. For details of our specialist care services please see below.

  • Home Respite is available in Epping Forest, Harlow, Havering and Redbridge.

Extensive and individually tailored services are available for those carers who care for people with complex health needs or disabilities requiring high levels of care and support.

We work closely with families to provide support at times and days that fit in with their individual family needs.

We take time and care in matching our staff with families which encourages a trusting relationship to develop between our Care Support Worker, the carer and the person with care needs. The service offers respite to carers for an agreed number of hours per week, whilst also enabling the cared for person to access social, leisure and employment opportunities as required. Our staff are experienced professionals who are trained in delivering this level of care and support. To read more about our team of Care Support Workers and their training, please see view Care Support Worker section.

  • Available in Epping Forest, Havering and Redbridge areas only.

This is a small-scale ‘homely’ day care service offered to those who care for people with early stage dementia. Care is provided to 4 or 5 carefully matched individuals in the HomeSharer’s own home.

A HomeSharer is a Care Support Worker who is specifically trained to deliver this service. A programme of suitable activities such as puzzles, dominoes, newspaper discussions, music or garden enjoyment (in Summer) are integrated as part of the day. A full cooked lunch is provided for the group to enjoy together and social interaction is encouraged and enabled through this service. As well as giving the carer a complete ‘day off’ from caring responsibilities, as we collect and return those attending HomeShare, the ‘cared for’ enjoy a day out of the house in different surroundings. This type of service, with social interaction and activity make it rewarding and enjoyable and clients return happy and relaxed from their HomeShare day. This is a very popular and successful service with both carers and those they care for.

  • Available in Epping Forest, Harlow and Redbridge only. (Please see Day Opportunities for a similar service in Havering).

This service is offered to clients with mild to moderate stage of dementia. The service is a day-care provision based at Royal Jubilee Court (Romford) in an adapted flat.

This is the base for the service but much of the activity is supporting clients to go shopping, visit places of interest, cooking their chosen meal and social interaction with peers.

The service operates two days per week from 9.30am – 3.30pm. Transport to and from the venue is included in the service provision. This service promotes independence, social interaction and various interests for the cared for person and gives the carer a complete ‘day off’ from caring responsibilities.

  • Available in Havering only.

As well as small-scale day provision across all areas, we offer specialist care to people living with all stages of dementia.

Our Care Support Workers are trained and experienced in dealing with all forms of dementia and its complexities. Staff offer compassionate care; focussing on reminiscence, conversation, playing games, encouraging independence where possible and generally helping to improve well-being.

As well as practical help, assisting those we care for with feeding, domestic tasks, shopping, laundry and attending appointments, our staff are trained to provide a high provision of personal care. Our staff are compassionate professionals who provide emotional support to both those they care for and their Carers.

We take time to match our Care Support Workers to each service user so that strong supportive relationships can develop and trust builds up between both the Care Support Worker, those they are caring for and their carer. Long and trusting relationships are unique characteristics of Carers Trust staff and give carers confidence and ‘peace of mind’ to take time out, away from their caring role.

One to one respite dementia care is available 7 days a week at flexible times to suit individual carer needs.  View a full summary of our Dementia Services here.

  • Available in Epping Forest, Harlow, Havering and Redbridge.

Another specialist area of care delivered to clients within the comfort of their own homes.

We have Care Support Workers who are trained to deliver this service to those caring for people with a terminal illness. Our staff are able to support with practical help, personal care and importantly with social and emotional support to the person being cared for and their family.

Due to the nature of this service, we aim to assess and set up a care plan within a couple of days of referral. We work closely with Macmillan and Admiral Nurses who often refer the family to us for this support service. We take care to match experienced staff with families at this difficult time and can provide a tailored service to meet individual carer needs. Our staff understand the challenges and emotional stress of caring for loved ones with palliative needs and work closely with the carer to provide a high level and compassionate service.  Read more about our staff and the skills that are required by Care Support Worker in our recruitment and training programmes

  • Available in Epping Forest, Harlow, Havering and Redbridge.

For those who care for people with highly complex care needs or those requiring palliative care, we are able to provide the support needed to enable families and friends to maintain care at home for as long as possible.

Referrals and funding for this service are via NHS Havering.

  • Available in Havering only

This service was developed as a result of carers needs and requests and is offered to carers who feel isolated and lonely following the loss of a loved one.

Our Care Support Workers develop close and trusting relationships with carers as well as those they care for and it is this friendship that carers miss. Support is offered to those who are bereaved and feel that keeping in contact with their care support worker brings comfort at this time of need.

  • Available in Havering only.

This service was set up specifically to provide support to carers in times of crisis.

The fund can help to provide specialist equipment to enhance daily wellbeing as well as additional short breaks to carers in difficult or stressful circumstances. It was set up in 2003 in memory of a staff member who had passed away and since that time staff, families and supporters continue to fundraise in support of this fund. To read more information on how funds are raised please view our fundraising section.

  • Available in Havering only.

Topper Club and VIP Club in partnership with Harlow Carers

Topper Club
Our Care Support Workers deliver care to people with physical disabilities who attend the ‘Topper Club’ for half a day per week and it is run by Caring for Harlow Carers.

VIP Club
Similarly, our staff support the people who attend VIP club for six hours per week. This service is designed to support those with severe and multiple physical disabilities and is run and funded by Caring for Harlow Carers.

  • Available in Harlow only.