Dementia Services

We are able to offer a full range of services to meet the needs of carers who care for people living with dementia. Carers Trust staff are trained and experienced in dealing with all forms of dementia and its complexities.

We offer practical support to carers and the people that they care for by providing a high quality service through our own professionally trained, Care Support Workers. Our staff will take on the carer’s role for a while, to allow the carer, some respite time. This time could be used to go shopping, visit a friend or relative, attend an appointment, catch up with chores or simply to rest.

Our Care Support Workers can make regular visits to give the carer “time to be themselves”. Carers Trust EHHR is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. To read a copy of our most recent report, please see “Quality and Monitoring” in the Home Section of this website

We offer one to one respite care in the home as well as small scale day care provision. Our home respite dementia support is available 7 days a week at flexible times tailored to the individual needs of each carer or family. As with all Carers Trust services, you may be eligible for funding for your care needs by your local Social/Health Services or you can choose to pay direct to our charity. As a charity you can rest assured that we are a ‘not for profit’ organisation and have carers needs, choices and voices at the heart of all we do.

This service is provided by experienced Care Support Workers in the client’s own home.

As part of our assessment and tailored care plan, we take time to individually match each client with members of staff, such that strong supportive relationships can develop throughout the period of care.

This social and emotional support gives carers reassurance and confidence that their loved one is in good hands, when taking a short break from their caring role. Our staff are highly trained to work with this client group; offering compassionate and professional care to people with mild to advanced dementia. This service can also be tailored to meet the increasing needs of people living with dementia who are nearing the end of their life.

Where possible, our Care Support Workers will encourage those they care for with reminiscent activities, conversation, songs and music or playing games to help stimulate and generally improve well-being. Practical help is part of our service and staff can help with feeding as well as specialist tasks such as peg feeding or catheter care.

The service can include assisting the carer with light domestic tasks, shopping, laundry, and attending appointments with both the cared for and the carer. Our staff are also highly trained to assist those they care for with their personal care needs.

To read more about how we recruit and train our staff please visit Our Care Support Workers section.

Importantly as the circumstances of the carer, cared for person or the family change, we can be flexible and adapt the services we provide.

  • Available in Epping Forest, Harlow, Havering and Redbridge

This is a small-scale ‘homely’ day care service offered to those who care for people with early to moderate stage dementia.

A HomeSharer is a professionally trained Care Support Worker who is experienced in delivering specialist dementia care in the community. Care is provided to 4 or 5 carefully matched individuals in the HomeSharer’s own home for a regular day each week. A programme of suitable activities is planned for the group to enjoy together and a full cooked lunch is provided for the group to share around the table. The HomeShare service includes collection and return of those attending HomeShare, giving the carer a complete day‘s respite from their caring role.

Carers are able to enjoy some time to themselves in the comfort of their own home or it provides them with a longer period in which to get out and visit a friend, relative or attend to their own health and well-being.

Carers find this popular service very rewarding as their loved one is able to get out of the house for a while and be involved socially with others. Clients return relaxed and happy from their day at HomeShare and look forward to seeing their HomeSharer regularly each week.

  • Available in Epping Forest, Harlow and Redbridge only

This is a very small scale, ‘home from home’ day care provision for clients with a diagnosis of moderate to advanced dementia.

The service is based in Royal Jubilee Court, Romford and it is very much based on a person-centred approach; giving clients and their families the opportunity to develop their own care plans by choosing activities and setting their desired outcomes accordingly.

Care is offered to groups of 4 people at a time who are able to come to a ‘homely’ environment to take part in activities of their choice for the day. These may include arts and crafts, visits to local restaurants, shopping or preparing and cooking a hot meal. We provide this service twice per week on a Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Available in Havering only

In partnership with your NHS Continuing Care, we are able to provide support for those who care for people with highly complex care needs or those requiring palliative care.

With this support, families and friends are able to maintain care at home for as long as possible. Referrals for this service are via NHS Havering.

  • Available in Havering only